This long and narrow country follows the west coast of South America from Peru's southern border all the way down to the tip of the continent!

That's over 3,100 miles of coastline on the Pacific Ocean!

Spanish is the official language, but Chileans also use a distinct dialect. See if you can hear it!

My Offers

I'll get you into the country with everything you need to know and some suggestions for your visit, so that you can have an easy arrival process and can meet with your guide, Rosa!

My visit only gave me a single day to see things in Santiago, but there is so much more to see in Chile!

Consider making a multi-day adventure to include Valparaiso and Chilean Patagonia! 

You can even visit Easter Island, which is part of Chile, by taking a five hour flight over the Pacific!


Entry Requirements

There are no visa requirements for US citizens visiting for tourism.

No vaccinations are required to enter Chile. You will however, need to present proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever if coming from a place where Yellow Fever is endemic.

Meet Rosa!

Rosa is a wonderful guide and friend whom I met during my first visit to Chile, when Santiago was experiencing protests and riots.

While it may have been a bit unnerving at first, this ended up being a very unique opportunity to witness history in motion for the Chilean people and it's an experience I'll never forget!

You'll have a fun-filled day with Rosa in Santiago and wherever else you may decide to go during your visit. She's a very knowledgeable person and she will point out to you things that unless you searched for them with a slight hint, you would never know about!