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Another great destination for history lovers and especially anyone who has ever played "Dynasty Warriors", China holds unique history not found elsewhere in the world and the same goes for its architecture.

It is a HUGE country that will take you several days to see everything there is to see and really enjoy it, so careful planning is critical and I will certainly help out there.

Do note: The origin of the Covid-19 pandemic is Wuhan, China and the details surrounding what exactly happened are a mystery. At this time, I do NOT advise you travel to this destination.

My Offers

I offer full services for the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, along with assistance on your visa process which can potentially be the biggest pain you've ever faced!

I can also arrange a day trip to the Great Wall on a guided tour, along with assisting you with your visit to major cities like Xian and Chengdu.

I will also brief you on things that may result in a culture shock for you on arrival and detail what you need to be aware of while you're in China. Not only is the culture different when it comes to hygiene and the like, but also the government is rather observant during your stay.

All of that aside, you should have a memorable trip!


Entry Requirements

All visitors to China from the US require a visa in advance of travel.

No vaccinations are required to enter China but as with many countries in the world, several are recommended.

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