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The events of the 1980's gave Colombia a bad image to many perspective travelers, including myself for a while. However, this is NOT the Colombia that exists today!

While crime is an issue all over South America (as well as all major US cities), following guidance from myself and the guides I connect you with will drastically reduce the chances of an issue.

Colombia is twice the size of France but it has a diversity of cultures and landscapes that would be hard to find in countries five times its size!

My Offers

My experience for the time being is in the city of Cartagena, which is on the Caribbean coast. I'll help you out with the usual stuff and getting you there, where my friends in the region will take over and ensure you a memorable visit!

Cartagena has a ton of history that even in one day, is impossible to really explore. Fascinating stories of a general with one arm, one leg and one eye defeating the British navy!

Places like Bogota and Medellin are also available and I can assist you with meeting the best guide, but I don't have experience in those cities. So if you go, you must be with a guide or I can't offer any help in those places.


Entry Requirements

There are no visa requirements for US citizens visiting for tourism.

No vaccinations are required to enter Colombia. However, I highly suggest taking the Yellow Fever vaccination to avoid trouble traveling to other countries in South America afterward.

It's not wise to attempt to fly from Colombia to Panama and expect to get in without the vaccine, I've seen two entire families stranded because of that.

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