Ecuador lies on the Equator and is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, home to over 100 different types of hummingbirds and thousands of varieties of orchids!

It is a must visit for anyone seeking ecotourism activities and even if that's not your thing at present, you may change your mind after a visit to the Mindo Cloud Forest!

My Offers

I'll help you with everything you need to get started and get you into Ecuador, where you'll be in the care of my friend Soledad!

During my visit, I spent three days in the country doing a bunch of things I wouldn't normally do. I'm not big into ecotourism with things like staying in a hut or something, but I've come to love spending time in nature in different countries all thanks to Ecuador! 

You'll get to visit an amazing butterfly farm with the chance to feed them, along with a rose plantation that has some very interesting facts about how being on the Equator affects plants!

A tour of the Mindo Cloud Forest closes out with a visit to a chocolate factory, where you'll get to see how its made from fruit to bar and even get to sample some delicious results!


Entry Requirements

There are no visa requirements for US citizens visiting for tourism.

No vaccinations are required to enter Ecuador.

If traveling from Ecuador to another South American country and having been in an area where Yellow Fever is endemic, you will be REQUIRED to show proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever or you will be DENIED entry into that country.

Meet Soledad!

Due to an injury shortly before my arrival, Soledad was unable to meet with me and give a personal tour of her country.

However, she organized and planned out the visit without leaving out any details and so she had no trouble passing her mission to another friend to make sure we enjoyed our visit!

She's a wonderful person who wants her visitors to experience Ecuador as they want, and also adds in the things she feels must be experienced. You will not be disappointed!

Aside from mainland Ecuador, she also offers services in the Galapagos Islands!