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Just so we're clear, this is for the country of Georgia and not the US state! Although both are charming and full of history, this page is reserved for my favorite mountainous country!

Roughly the size of Ireland, Georgia hosts a remarkable mixture of landscapes from snowy mountain peaks, to the beach resorts on the Black Sea!

Archaeological evidence suggests that Georgia is the oldest wine-making nation in the world, with some samples dating back to 6,000 years BC!

What will you discover in this gem of the Caucasus? 

My Offers

I will assist you in getting to and from Georgia along with offering my own suggestions and answering any questions you may have about my experience in the country.

Your visit will be guided by my lovely friend Iamze who I am certain you will very much enjoy your time with in Georgia!

My visit was very short and on a time limit, but Iamze made sure we were able to get where we wanted to go and see things possible on the route. I regret to this day not stopping in Mtskheta on the way back, so don't book an early flight the next day and risk missing out!


Entry Requirements

There are no visa requirements for US citizens visiting for tourism.

No vaccinations are required to enter Georgia.

Meet Iamze!

So I must start off to say how sad I am that my picture with my wonderful Georgian friend is missing, so instead there is a photograph of Mt. Kazbegi where we took the picture together.

You'll be in the care of Georgia's best guide as you can take a day to visit Tbilisi and Mtskheta, the new and old capital cities that are well worth a day of immersion!

Take another day to visit Gergeti Church atop the mountain and in the shadow of the mighty Mt. Kazbegi, while stopping long the way to see the historic Ananuri Fortress that overlooks the Aragvi River!

I would heavily suggest to take several days for your visit, as one day is definitely not enough. I am planning to revisit soon as well!

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