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Hong Kong

This former British Colony is now known as Asia's world city, welcoming cultures from all over the world and remaining a top destination.

Despite neighboring China, it does not take on an identity that is entirely Chinese mainly due to the British influence that was present for one-hundred and fifty years. This factor makes Hong Kong a much easier destination than Chinese cities like Shanghai, where culture shock awaits.

While it can quickly become known as Hong Kongcrete, venturing out of the city and into the countryside will reward you with serenity and solitude even with seven million people nearby.

My Offers

I offer full services for the SAR of Hong Kong and can also assist with any plans to visit during Chinese New Year, having had the pleasure to enjoy it for myself in 2019.

I do not offer assistance with Macau other than advising on the best way to get there, nor do I assist with crossing into China due to the increasing volatility and aggression from the Chinese government.


Entry Requirements

Hong Kong gives you a 90-day entry permit on arrival, so be sure to hold onto that until you depart. There are no additional visas.

No vaccinations are required to enter Hong Kong.

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