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Seventh largest country in the world with over a billion people, India is extremely diverse across the board in all categories and so you'll surely find a new favorite place during your visit.

The most common sight in mind when planning a visit to India is of course Taj Mahal, which should not be missed! But there are many places in India that can easily be overlooked if you focus so much on just one area.

As we plan this adventure together, consider places like Amritsar and Hyderabad in addition to the more well-known cities of Delhi and Mumbai.

India is also in the perfect spot for exploring South Asia, and is the best place to stage a visit the stunning Maldives!

My Offers

I will assist you in every aspect of planning your visit to India and getting a schedule together that will fit what you want to see and experience during your visit.

I would highly suggest however, that you take the guide services offered below to avoid any sort of hassles that may arise for you during your visit. For major cities like New Delhi, you really need a guide and because I didn't take this into consideration during my visit, I really missed out on a LOT.


Entry Requirements

A tourist visa is required and can either be obtained before travel through a consulate, or using the e-visa option. No matter your choice, your visa must be approved before travel.

No vaccinations are required to enter India.

Meet Gary!

Your visit to India will not be memorable without visiting the Taj Mahal with Gary, who is going to make your visit so very unique and fun! 

Your entire visit will be carefully organized and planned, so not even a layer of morning fog will be allowed to mar your first sight of one of the Wonders of the World!

Outside of Agra and Delhi, Gary is well connected with others in the country and if you want to visit somewhere and need a guide, he will know the perfect person to take you there!

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