Each of these destinations are ones that I have personally visited, explored and loved!

By clicking on a country's image, you'll be directed to a page with all of the details and even some personal photos from my visits! The price you see listed is typically where the price for flights to that destination sit, so they can be higher or lower depending on many factors. 


Pick out the one that interests you the most and send me a message. You can choose multiple destinations for the same trip and depending on your selection, can actually be a LOT cheaper than booking two separate adventures. "Starting at" indicates a total for airfare, not the price I charge.

For domestic travelers within the US: I've extensive experience covering all major cities in the contiguous United States along with many of our National Parks. Be certain to visit my Domestic page for more details!

The cost for an international itinerary and all offered travel services is $50 flat. I receive no commission from airlines, hotels or any other parties. Gratuity is greatly appreciated.

Don't see the country you want to visit? Ask me! I offer services to more countries than what are shown below!



From bustling Buenos Aires to the near-Antarctic Patagonia, Argentina has something for everyone!

Your carefully planned adventure can include the stunning Perito Moreno Glacier along with the spectacular Iguazu Falls in the north!

Starting at just $299!



Ancient wonders abound in this gem of the Caucasus! 


Whether or not you love history, you will fall in love with Armenia for sure! 

Since first visiting in 2017, it has remained one of my top 3 destinations in the world!

Starting at just $350!



Legends of Dracula, other vampires and the terrifying Strigoi!

Dare to visit the real Transylvania and investigate these mysterious legends for yourself?

Or, have a slice of boema instead!

Starting at just $299!



Any anime watcher has no doubt made Japan their must-visit destination!

Will you take part in some Mario Kart through the streets of Shibuya? Or do you prefer the historical allure of Kyoto's temples?

Starting at just $350!



Paris. The Eiffel Tower. The Catacombs. All of these come to mind, right? Of course they do!


Whether it's a romantic getaway or a simple family visit, I'll help you make the most of your visit to France!

Starting at just $249!



One of the most magical places in the world regardless if you're coming to hunt ghosts in Edinburgh, or Nessie herself at Loch Ness!

Even if no one will believe what you saw one foggy night on the loch, they'll forever be envious of your pictures and stories!

Starting at just $399!



My 100th country is definitely one you'll be glad you took a trip to, as it's nothing like what you imagine when someone says "Iraq"

Your visit to the northern Kurdistan Region will leave you wishing you'd stayed longer!

Starting at just $299!



I don't know a person in the world who has denied wanting to visit the Land Down Under!

I'll get you started in Sydney before heading into the Outback and later exploring the Gold Coast!

Starting at just $499!



One of the world's gems, there is way more to Indonesia than just Bali!

With more than 17,000 islands to choose from and sites like Borobudur and Prambanan to explore, you'll have your hands full just decided where to begin!

Starting at just $299!



Ruins of civilizations long ago can be found all across the Middle East.

But the rose red city of Petra? You've NEVER seen anything like this before! Trek the desert trail through a narrow canyon, then marvel as Al-Khazneh comes into view!

Starting at just $350!


United Arab Emirates

Visit the only place in the world where you can watch the Sun set twice in the same day!

Dubai will serve as your jumping off point to more adventurous things, so start it off right by visiting the tallest building in the world: Burj Khalifa!

Starting at just $399!



Let's be honest, I could spend an entire week in Italy just eating!

It's easy to get around Italy if you know how, so I can make it even easier for you to visit Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples and even Milan!

Starting at just $350!




Famous for Chernobyl, Ukraine is so much more than what you know about it!

Your adventure begins in Kyiv and can go anywhere you want to from there, but be sure to take an organized tour to Pripyat. The town that went from 50,000 people to population zero in under an hour.

Starting at just $399!



An adventure high up in the Caucasus Mountains, or a relaxing day on the shores of the Black Sea?

Take your pick, Georgia has something for everyone!

Starting at just $350!



There's nothing like riding toward Giza from Cairo and seeing the Pyramids pop up into view!

An absolute must-visit destination and a great starting point for future adventures into Africa!

Starting at just $499!



Home to the Amazon, the Pantanal Wetlands and the cosmopolitan cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro!


Brazil is a huge country that will take even the most impatient tourist several days to explore everything thing they wish to see! 

Starting at just $499!



The Cold War is over, let it go and pack your bags as you jet off to explore a fascinating country that spans two entire continents!

Marvel at the vibrant colors of St. Basil's and then head to the "Venice of the North" to visit historic Saint Petersburg!

Starting at just $399!


South Korea

Lovers of Korean dramas, K-Pop, Cold War history and those who just want to catch a glimpse of North Korea from the DMZ, your destination is waiting!

Dive right into the modernity of Seoul, then take a haunting look across the DMZ where a different world sits behind closed borders!

Starting at just $350!



The roof of the world awaits your arrival!

Will you get an up close look at Mt. Everest, or admire it from a scenic flight?

Immerse yourself in the culture of this land, where history dates back over 2,000 years!

Starting at just $399!



Choose between the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur or the lush & natural one of Borneo!

Your visit to Southeast Asia will most likely have you stopping in KL anyways, so why not take in some sights?

Starting at just $399!



A great place to introduce yourself to South America, you'll be shocked by some of the things that happen on the Equator!

Start off with a visit to the Cotopaxi Volcano and wrap it all up at a chocolate factory!

Starting at just $399!



Formerly known as Burma and until recently inaccessible to tourists, Myanmar is one of my gold star destinations that you'll absolutely love!

The people of Myanmar are extremely friendly and you'll find their smiles contagious!

Starting at just $399!



This amazing country is snuggled between the waves of the Pacific Ocean and the peaks of the Andes Mountains!

Once you've explored the mainland from the Atacama to the tip of Chilean Patagonia, you might find yourself heading west---to Easter Island!

Starting at just $399!



In Guarani language, the name Uruguay means "river of the colorful birds" and you'll certainly find this to be true!

Take the ferry in from BA and start your adventure in Colonia, as simply walking the cobblestone streets of this historic town will give you a desire to see more of this gorgeous country!

Starting at just $399!



Colombia and the history that I learned just by being in Cartagena for a single day, is absolutely a must-visit!

Another great place to start exploring South America, Colombia isn't the dangerous place you've been led to believe it is!

Starting at just $250!



A country of amazing culture and history, Poland will offer you a glimpse into its proud future and the horrible past it was forced to endure.

History lovers will enjoy their time in Poland for sure, but a must-visit place is also one of the saddest in the world.

Starting at just $350!



Split between Europe and Asia by the Bosporus Strait, dive right in to the thousands of years of history in Istanbul!

Once you're acquainted with the city, head off into the countryside to visit some amazing ruins like Ephesus and natural wonders like Pamukkale! 

Starting at just $299!



Giant pandas, the Three Kingdoms, the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall!


Which will you see first?

Choose Beijing or Shanghai as your entry point to get you started on this trip of a lifetime!

Starting at just $450!



Home of fairy tales and medieval castles, Germany is yet another place history lovers will go wild!

From the WW2 sites of Berlin to the mysterious castles in Bavaria, your itinerary will keep you on your feet for sure!

Take a break and have a chocolate bar on the train back to Munich, there's so much to see!

Starting at just $299!



Right away, you are thinking of Taj Mahal as you look at the picture above and as a national symbol of India, you should know where it is even before coming here!

But there's more to it than just being pretty to look at! India holds a lot of history that we aren't taught in school, so keep an open mind and bring a spare SD card for your camera!

You never know what you'll see!

Starting at just $450!



The Holy Land, birthplace of Judaism and Christianity!

Thousands of years of history seem to be alive as you walk the ancient streets of Jerusalem and visit the tomb where Jesus may have risen!

I can organize your visit no matter your faith!

Starting at just $399!


Czech Republic

Arrive by train for the best welcome possible in the country where Gothic charm is everywhere!

Prague's mysterious towers and the church of human bones in Kutna Hora will be the perfect place to spend your Halloween!

Starting at just $350!




From bustling Buenos Aires to the near-Antarctic Patagonia, Argentina has something for everyone!

Your carefully planned adventure can include the stunning Perito Moreno Glacier along with the spectacular Iguazu Falls in the north!

Starting at just $299!


Hong Kong

A totally different world from China, Hong Kong will show you in many ways how it stands apart from its looming neighbor.

A visit on Chinese New Year should not be missed, just be prepared for crowds!

Starting at just $399!



Our neighbor to the north also spans from sea to shining sea, as well as the Arctic Ocean! 

Start off visiting a modern city like Toronto or Vancouver, then move on to the pristine wilderness and incredible natural beauty outside the city limits!

Starting at just $150!



The incredible Mezoamerican history of the Yucatan Peninsula is often outshined by the beaches of Cancun, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy both!

Enjoy a little fun in the sun one day, then venture into the jungle the next!

Have you ever had a pyramid make a bird call before? You can only hear it here in marvelous Mexico!

Starting at just $199!



As a kid I loved the movie "Hercules" and so I always wanted to visit Greece!

Athens and Santorini both top the lists of many travelers, but there are many other amazing places in Greece you never knew existed!

Starting at just $250!



Known for the culture and global influence from the earliest expeditions to the New World, Spain will not disappoint even the pickiest of travelers!

Thanks to Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona's architecture is like nothing you've ever seen!

Starting at just $299!


N. Ireland

Part of the United Kingdom and separate from the Republic of Ireland, this small country has a lot of interesting history to it!

RMS Titanic was built here and you can even visit its dry dock, along with the museum that even has a replica of the Grand Staircase!

Starting at just $350



London is often seen as the main place to visit in Europe by first-time international travelers, being a world city and all.

Your visit to this iconic city is only the start, as you can easily move about to Stonehenge, or even neighboring Wales, Scotland or France!

Starting at just $350!



Thermal baths are everywhere in the Hungarian capital, providing you the perfect relief to a long day (or week) of exploring this very friendly nation!

It's also a great place to stage an exploration into Balkan nations such as Serbia, with great bus connections to Austria and Slovakia as well!

Starting at just $350!



Once known as Siam, Thailand has become a global destination known for its beaches and the Thai smile!

Check out the temples and Grand Palace in Bangkok, along with a snake show at the Red Cross before heading further afield!

It's also an excellent place to explore hard-to-reach countries like Laos and Cambodia very easily!

Starting at just $399!



My first international adventure took place in the land of fire and ice, and it's what inspired me to continue my global adventures!

Use Reykjavik and your base and set off on the Ring Road to visit incredible natural wonders like Gulfoss and Jokulsarlon, then cross your fingers for a dark night and the chance appearance of the aurora borealis!

Starting at just $299!


Maldives the Maldives!

This tropical paradise nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean has been on my list for some time now.

Would you choose to arrive at your hotel by speedboat or sea plane?

Coming Soon!



An identity marred and mistaken, this country remains off the radar for all but the intrepid.

Should you believe only what you think you know, your mind will be forever closed off.

See you soon, Afghanistan!



South Africa

Your gateway to the southern portions of the African continent, Johannesburg will be only an overnight stay as the true adventures begin outside city limits!

Will you be able to spot all members of the "Big Five" on your safari at Kruger National Park? Or will you be too busy playing with lion cubs just outside of Joburg?