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Heart of the Holy Land along with areas of Jordan and Egypt, the three major monotheistic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism all have historical ties here.

Many people make the pilgrimage to Israel as part of their faith at least once in their life, or to visit for its incredible history that goes thousands of years.

No matter your reason for visiting, you will leave with a deeper understanding of this ancient and sacred land.

My Offers

I offer full services for the entire country of Israel, inclusive of any territories claimed by the Palestinian Authority. 

Your visit can be arranged according to your religious beliefs or can be all-inclusive, it is entirely up to you.

Places within Jerusalem's old city are relatively easy to reach and even a few places outside of the walls as well, but for some sites such as Bethlehem, more planning and preparation are required.

As this is a religious center for many different people, you are expected to be tolerant and dress appropriately when in these areas. These factors will be discussed before you travel so that you understand what is expected of visitors and what is overlooked.


Entry Requirements

There are no visa requirements for US citizens visiting for tourism.

Please note, certain countries in the Middle East prohibit you from entering if you show proof of visiting Israel. This includes items with Hebrew labeling in the case with Lebanon.

Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv does not issue stamps, but a temporary card that you can surrender or keep as you exit the country.

Be aware that at least one land border WILL stamp your passport, so keep this in mind.

No vaccinations are required to enter Israel.

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