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One of the safest destinations in the Middle East for many years now, Jordan has a lot to offer travelers who come for history, culture and adventure.

From the unbelievable city of Petra to the incredible ruins of Jerash, your ancient site needs will certainly be fulfilled!

While Jordan is indeed an expensive country to visit, there are ways to beat the prices you see. Not only by haggling, which you must be prepared to do, but also from guidance from someone who has visited before.

Good thing you're here, huh?

My Offers

My areas of expertise in Jordan include the capital city of Amman, the ancient city of Petra and the Israel-Jordan border crossing.

Amman is not a very pedestrian friendly place, so you'll be relying very heavily on taxi service to get around. I have a very honest contact in the city who can help you, plus take you to the ancient ruins of Jerash with no additional hassle!

A must see is the ancient wonder of Petra, which is located three hours south of Amman in the middle of the desert. I'll help you get here by bus for a self-guided visit and return to Amman or onward journey towards Eilat in Israel. Or if you prefer, I can arrange for a guide to take you there and back from Amman.

If you want to cross from Jordan into Israel nearest Jerusalem and the biblical sites, I will give you fully detailed information on the arrival, the check-in, the crossing and the exit into Israel on the other side. It is a very unique process!


Entry Requirements

A visa is required for US citizens visiting Jordan for tourism and is obtained on arrival at Queen Alia Airport in Amman.

No vaccinations are required to enter Jordan.

Unlike other countries in the region, items with Hebrew labeling are not banned and you will not be refused entry if you have evidence of visiting Israel.

If you plan to visit Israel, as well as other Muslim-majority nations in the region afterward, you need to let me know so that we can avoid your passport being marked!

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