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Formerly known as Burma, this incredible country has history dating back to 1500BC and until just a few years ago, wasn't open to tourists!

It's sad to hear that it is usually off the radar for tourists who want to visit places with amazing history and temples, but don't know that Myanmar has so much to offer! 

So, that's my goal! Let's get you to Yangon and show you what you and many others are missing out on!


My Offers

I'll help you get everything together that you need for this adventure and get you on your way before handing you off to our friends in Yangon!

On my visit I only had a few hours, but I suggest to stay at least one night and see what I didn't have time for.

Yangon has many sites alone and it takes a full day to see them, so visiting Bagan isn't possible on a short visit. Please be sure you go there, it is incredible and I'm dying to return so I can see it with my own eyes!

Myanmar: Be Enchanted!


Entry Requirements

A visa is required for tourism in Myanmar and must be obtained prior to arrival.

No vaccinations are required to enter Myanmar.

Meet May and Myat!

I think there is never a mistake who we meet in the world, but we can be sad when we don't get to see our friends as well. May unfortunately came down with the flu shortly before my arrival and that's how we got to meet Myat!

When we landed in Yangon, it was like being picked up by a very close friend. Right away I think we became friends, maybe it was the bright smile and warm welcome that set the course for the day.

We love our friends around the world and especially in Myanmar, so be sure to say hello when you arrive and leave with a smile as we did!

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