Home to eight of the ten highest peaks in the world, including Mt. Everest, heavenly Nepal is situated between Tibet and India!

A monarchy until just recently in 2008 when it became a republic, Nepal is a place where Hinduism and Buddhism coexist together peacefully.

Though you may think of Nepal as being all mountains, about one-third of the country is low-lying and subtropical!

Fun fact: The nation's lowest elevation is at just 328 feet, while Mt. Everest towers at 29,029 feet tall!

My Offers

I'll assist you with everything you need to handle before leaving for your trip along with everything else I usually include for all other itineraries.

Once you're in Nepal, my friend Susan will be your guide and can assist you in taking on all of the adventures that sadly, I didn't get to do.

I highly recommend staying a few nights so that you have ample time to do everything and also give yourself some leeway with the weather, especially if you're hoping to take a scenic flight or even a small trek.


Entry Requirements

Tourist visas are obtained on arrival at Kathmandu Airport and at designated land borders. 

Right now these are all multiple-entry visas.

No vaccinations are required to enter Nepal.

Meet Susan!

You will love your guide in Nepal and share a lot of laughs, as well as learn many things!

I only had a few mere hours to visit Nepal with high hopes of seeing the peak of Mt. Everest from the ground, but Susan packed those few short hours with so much information and adventure!