The largest country in the world awaits your arrival!

From its status in the Middle Ages as an imperial power, though the Romanov Dynasty, onward through the Soviet Union years and to the present- Russia's history is as lengthy as the Trans-Siberian Railway!

There are a lot of stories and superstitions about visitors in Russia being spied on or accused of being spies and these are just stories. So long as you act like a decent person and follow the rules that I'll give you, your visit to Russia will be a memorable one free of worry!

My Offers

I offer full service itineraries for Moscow and Saint Petersburg!

Start your visit off in Moscow with a visit to the beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral and intriguing Kremlin museums. Stop by and see Lenin if you're interested or move on to a self-guided tour of the Russian metro stations, which are masterpieces themselves!

No visit to Russia is complete without seeing Saint Petersburg of course! This "Venice of the north" boasts some of the most beautiful palaces and churches in the world!

I'll also assist you with planning visits to other destinations in the country and of course, the complicated visa process to get there in the first place!


Entry Requirements

A valid tourist or transit visa is required for entering Russia and must be obtained in advance for travel through the Russian Embassy.

No vaccinations are required to enter Russia.