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Don't worry, there is no judgement here when it comes to the real reason you're jetting off to Scotland. But be warned- no bribes are accepted when it comes to Nessie's whereabouts.

Welcome to Scotland! Part of the United Kingdom but entirely different from the other kingdoms entirely, something that will become more evident the further north you go.

The sun may not shine during your visit, but the warm welcome and rich culture makes up for that many times over.


You won't leave Scotland unaffected by its charm.

My Offers

I've experience in the city of Edinburgh and will provide all of the information you will need to get around this beautiful and quiet city.

For those interested in maybe experiencing something paranormal that we went through, I can give you details on that particular hotel.

Once you've had enough of Edinburgh, I'll have you on your way to visit Loch Ness for a chance to meet Nessie!

Inverness will then serve as a base for you to explore the Isle of Skye and picture-perfect castles like Eilean Donan! 


Entry Requirements

There are no visa requirements for US citizens visiting for tourism.

No vaccinations are required to enter Scotland.

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