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I'm not a travel agent, let's first make that clear. I don't receive commission on anything at all, nor do I force you into expensive group tours that result in you not even enjoying yourself. Furthermore, I'm here to assist you from the time you leave until the time you return.

In all my travels, I've always done the touring myself for the most part. I didn't seek out a tour for Paris that would have me on an exhausting day-long ordeal with a bunch of tourist traps thrown in. I organized my own itinerary, walking guide and everything I would need to avoid encountering any issues.

Each of my itineraries are designed in an instructive way, starting from your hotel or arriving airport. If you are using the metro, you will be given station numbers, names and which exit number you need from that station. I include details of nearby landmarks so that if you do come out of the wrong exit or are forced to detour, you can easily get yourself back on track. The planner is usually a single page of instructions for getting around the city or destination of choice. On the opposite side, you'll find a detailed outline of costs for landmarks, transportation and more.

All of your consultations with me will begin with a discussion on where you want to go, then we will break down everything and make sure I have a good idea of what sort of visit you would like to have. The next step will be looking at airfare and transportation, where I will show you the best and cheapest options for getting to your destination. The booking of these tickets is for you to do and we can even handle this during the discussion if you are set on your timeframe and destination, as well as the itinerary I have for you. We'll look at hotels during this time as well and make sure you not only get the best price, but the best location. It's important to remember that some places might have great hotels in the city center, but that often comes with many downsides as well depending on where you are. That's why I believe it is best to consult someone who has been to these places and has had on the ground experience.

While itinerary planners are my specialty, understand that there are some places that are far too complex for you to have an easy time understanding how to get around, such as Hanoi. For destinations like this or even ones that safety may be a concern depending on certain factors, I put you with a guide that I have worked with personally at that destination. I will assist with all basic preparations as with the other planners, but your visit will be taken care of by your guide on-site.


As I mentioned above, the planner comes with a fully-detailed outline of walking routes, transportation, flight selection, hotel selection and pairing with a local guide, depending on the location. So what else is included?

I do a LOT of prep work before I get anywhere close to the departure date and I have some relatively odd but incredibly useful things that I do for my own trips that I will offer to you for yours! They are entirely optional but are included within the planner fee, so don't be afraid to ask!

  • Airline seat selection guidance, based on reviews.

  • Public bathroom information and information on pay toilets, so you're not left to wonder where to go.

  • Picky eater assistance, I know where to find cheese sticks and fries.

  • Scams to be aware of and tactics used by touts, which can ruin a trip if you're not careful.

  • Information on what adapter you need for each country's power sockets.

  • Assistance with ordering foreign currency before travel, as exchanging isn't the best idea.

  • Assistance with speaking the local language, basic phrases get you very far!

  • Advisory on local events or holidays that could create chaotic crowds.

  • Health information on local food and water.

  • Vaccine requirements and assistance on where to have that taken care of.

  • Visa assistance.

  • Guided tours can be arranged if requested.

  • Boarding process information for many airlines.

  • First-time flyers crash course in decency, so you're not enemy #1 on a 12hr flight.

  • Cultural information, included what to wear and what not to wear or do in certain places.

  • Closing times for all sites you intend to visit, as well as public transportation closing times.

  • What to expect at Customs and Immigration in certain countries.

  • Places to avoid if you have children with you.

  • Information on any unusual laws that have caused foreigners problems in the past.

  • Assistance with parking at or near airports, usually no more than $2 a day.

  • Information on mosquitos and localized diseases they may carry, as well as what you need to prevent problems with them.

  • Airport guides and what you can do to pass the time if you have a lengthy layover.

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