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Split by the Bosporus at Istanbul, east Thrace and Anatolia form modern day Turkey and what was once known as the Ottoman Empire, Turkey's history goes back into the earliest days of civilization!

Before the Ottomans, it was part of the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople (now Istanbul) served as its capital from 395 until 1204, then once more from 1261 to present day. 

With its history and ruins, Turkey is one of my top destinations for anyone who loves just that! It's also a convenient and easy stop for those headed further into the Middle East or Western Asia!

My Offers

I offer full services for the city of Istanbul, along with everything you'll need to get around easily. This includes the best options for transportation between the major airports, as one is located on a different continent from the other and can be quite a pain to reach in a hurry!

Further out, I'll arrange your visit to wonderful places like Ephesus and Pamkkale with my good friend Mehmet, who introduced me to this fascinating part of the country!


Entry Requirements

A valid tourist visa is required for US citizens travelling to Turkey. You can obtain this as an e-Visa, which I recommend, or do visa on arrival.

Please note, the visa process has been known to change depending US-Turkish relations. 

No vaccinations are required to enter Turkey.

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