It is no longer "The Ukraine", just Ukraine. The Soviet Era has ended and its former states have all moved on with their lives, Ukraine is the perfect place to start exploring and see the true identity of an amazing country!

On April 26th, 1986 the fourth reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Station exploded and became the first and worst nuclear disaster in the world. Today, nature has reclaimed large areas and what buildings remain are hidden within the forest that is slowly overtaking it.

Kyiv is one of the oldest capitols in Europe, dating back to the 5th century. However, little remains of the original as the city was completely destroyed in World War Two.

My Offers

I offer full services for the city of Kyiv, which is a very easy city to get around.

Fully detailed walking instructions for the city will take you to the most beautiful churches in the city, along with some wonderful historical sites. 

I will arrange with my contacts a tour for you to visit the Chernobyl disaster zone, which can only be visited as part of an organized tour. You can choose one, two or three day tours to suit your preference!

I can also connect you with my friend Yulia, who will be able to see you to destinations such as Lviv and many more!


Entry Requirements

There are no visa requirements for US citizens visiting for tourism.

No vaccinations are required to enter Ukraine.

NOTICE: The infamous "Meet Women" scam is still alive and well. The golden rule is that if no one loves you back home, they won't love you in Ukraine either.

WARNING: Follow all guidance from your guide in the Chernobyl zone. If you run off into restricted areas and become irradiated, the military will be using you as their newest light source. Don't be foolish.