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This little country sitting between Argentina and Brazil might be small, but the differences between it and its neighbors are huge!

Among its indigenous peoples, Uruguay has rich civic and agricultural history, so those who seek these treasures that are off the beaten path in some cases, will be rewarded for their efforts!

Of course, one shouldn't miss out on its beautiful beaches and the historic center of Colonia del Sacramento!

My Offers

I will help you out with planning your visit based on my experiences in Uruguay and Daiana, who you will most certainly meet beforehand in Buenos Aires, can help you with purchasing the ferry tickets in Uruguay from Argentina.

Enter by plane? That's no fun!

Once you arrive in Colonia, you can take a tour of the historic town to get a very detailed look at the little-known history of Uruguay!

From there you can head onward to Montevideo if you want, or return across the water to Buenos Aires. Although, staying one night in Colonia is highly recommended!


Entry Requirements

There are no visa requirements for US citizens visiting for tourism.

No vaccinations are required to enter Uruguay, but as with the rest of South America, you may run into trouble if you enter without a Yellow Fever vaccination and are coming from a place where it is endemic.

It is best to go ahead and take this vaccine to avoid any inconveniences, it doesn't hurt at all and the needle is extremely tiny!

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